Our Mission

Trinity North School of Music's mission is to make the most of your musical talent and to help inspire, nurture and challenge
you to achieve your goals through study, performance, and appreciation of the arts with a continuous focus on the ministry of music.

Guitar/Song Writing

Professional guitar lessons for youngsters through adults--at all skill levels--beginner through advanced studies. Covering a variety of styles and techniques, theory, fret-board layout, scales, chords, chord voicing, alternate tunings, improvising, sight-reading and much more. For those choosing to pursue after "Guitar/Songwriting" we will look at 5 key elements: Melody, Harmony, Lyrics, Rhythm and Structure, once a student has a chance to put a collection of song(s) together they will be given an opportunity to perform those songs in public.

Bass Guitar

The "Bass Guitar" lessons are much more than just learning to read what others have written, these lessons are designed to help you learn how to be creative, to walk and construct bass lines, to solo when called upon and to do it with confidence. The "Bass Guitar" lessons also cover slap bass, fretless bass, upright & electric bass, rhythm and grove, theory, technique and yes, reading and writing music!

Folk Instruments

From dulcimers to mandolins we are able to get you up and going in the right direction with instruction on technique and theory for stringed folk instruments.


Our piano lessons cover sight-reading, music theory, rhythm, technique, ear training and more. For all ages and levels with lessons being tailored to each students ability and style preference.

Band & Orchestra

Our teachers are well equipped and ready to help prepare students for solo and ensembles, band auditions and concert preparations. Or to aid students in furthering their studies on their chosen instrument.


Learn how to play the drum set/symphonic percussion or prepare for solo and ensembles, band auditions and concert preparations with the same high standards that are also offered with our "Band & Orchestra" program. Learn and study rhythm, drumming techniques, rudiments, speed, power and dynamic control for both hands and feet while developing limb independence and more.

Vocal Coaching

The "Vocal Coaching" program will help you with music reading, solfege, sight-singing, literature / language and terminology, etc. Our Vocal Coach is well trained in playing off of vocal scores and able to assist the singer in staying on-track to the score, as well as being able to help the vocalist make any corrections as they develop their skills, technique and awareness.

Music Theory and Fundamentals of Song Writing

Our "Music Theory" program is a training and an exercise of how music is written and played. The program covers the study of pitch, scales & modes, rhythm, chord structure, melody, harmony, texture, timbre, expressive qualities, form/structure...etc. Then with this knowledge the student moves to the "Fundamentals of Song Writing" with the end result of the musical piece being performed.

Summer Group Programs

The "Summer Group Programs" are geared toward small groups with an optional concentration of performing at public events. *Groups are made up of 3-5 persons with studies in Folk/Campfire Songs, Celtic Music and Praise and Worship with registration beginning the first week of April and ending in May. *(Other group styles can be put together if there is an interest)

Trinity North School of Music Diploma Program

Trinity North School of Music will be offering a unique diploma program coming January 2016 that follows a graded lesson schedule. This format will take the student through seven distinct skill levels that are balanced with technique, performance, history, research and theory appropriate to each level. At the end of each successfully completed program the student receives a diploma for the chosen area of study. Studies that will be launching in 2016 are as follows: "Diploma in the Study of" Blues, Gospel Music, Praise/Worship, Music Theory, and Chords & Scales. With a "Diploma in the Study of Chords & Scales" and a " Diploma in the Study of Blues" targeted to begin January 2016.

Trinity Music Interactive

Trinity North School of Music now offers online music lessons with "Trinity Music Interactive". Same quality lessons but from the convenience of your home. Send questions on our "Contact Us" page for more information or sign up with our "Trinity Music Interactive".

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